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The company’s founders have the knowledge of Dorsa co. benefiting from the academic and industrial experiences and science as well as the use of specialist teams of experienced, has managed new projects and services in the field of image processing and machine vision in different industries.

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  • system based on intelligent machine vision controlling
  • use of intelligent control system
  • detection of hot slab surface defects
  • Provide advice on employing a variety of equipment for industrial processing and machine vision images
  • Provide advice for intelligent supervisory systems and troubleshooting in the
  • Official representative of the compa
  • Producer of all kinds of industrial housing

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Product Introduction

Monitor and control the quality of products and production processes are an integral part of nowadays has become an industry. Machine vision systems as one of the emerging and powerful tools in the field of quality control has been a part of the needs and problems of the industry in this field.

The company also needs assessment and study dersa extensively in the field of regulatory solutions aimed to improve the manufacturing processes, quality control of products and reduce staffing error in different industries, has managed successful projects and products in the field.

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